Attendance Management Software



Time Manager Pro is a powerful software application for time recording.

Using proven biometric technology where employees use their finger, palm or face to clocki n and out, our Time Management software automates the collection and processing of employees' hours, links to your payroll system and offers a comprehensive range of reports.


The attendance screen is fully editable but also has a full audit trail of changes made by the logged in user.

It is colour coded and will show overtime, undertime, lateness, earliness, missed clockings, holidays, sickness and absences by date, date-range, month or year even.

It is extremely flexible software that can be configured to almost any working rules.


Our software is written and maintained in house by our developers which makes us unique.

We upgrade and maintain the software on a monthly basis and have an enhancement list full of customer suggestions for what they would like to see in the software. This helps us to develop it in an organic way.


Our software runs on SQL Server, a stable and proven technology by Microsoft.

It can be installed stand alone on one computer or it can be installed across a netowork of multiple sites.

Prices start at £995 for our smaller systems.


We have hundreds of customers across the UK, through industries from Nursing Homes to Hospitality to Manufacturing.

We are lucky that our clients stay with us for many years and we believe that is because we support them very well and listen to them.

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