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So You Bought A Clocking In System...

My first question to you is...Is it out of its box yet?

I have spoken to so many people over the last 15 years in this industry and I am amazed at how many companies are sold a system and it never gets implemented...

One guy who owned a Hotel and Spa told me it was still sitting in it's box!

I offered to install it for him, I felt sorry that he had wasted his money and had no return from his investment.

Is Your Clocking In System Still In It's Box?

I don't see this with our customers as we make sure your system is fully installed for you and you are fully trained, with ongoing support so you can get the very best out of your system.

However what I do see with some of our customers is that staff come and go so the original person or people that were trained on the time management system have moved on to pastures new and have passed on the minimum information to the next administrator.

The administrator then does his or her best to continue with the system but have no idea how it really works or what it is capable of doing so the ROI is reduced, and this can be a perpetual situation.

We are addressing this by keeping in touch with our customers regularly and reminding them of what services we offer for FREE to them.

Online training, re-training and support is totally free.

This keeps everyone happy.

The system is being used appropriately for the company, they are fully trained on it and they know they have on-going support throughout the year.

If you are interested in one of our systems then give us a call on 0845 130 5835

We don't bite and we're very easy going...

Ciao for now


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