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A Manager Asked Me During Training 'How Do I Change My Own Hours?'

And that's not the first time I have been asked that question.

I often get asked strange things by staff when implementing our Clocking In System, and they usually centre around 'how do I change my own time'. Now this is none of my business as the Manager is the Manager, right! So he can do what he likes as long as he is managing?

Well maybe, but in our software we have an audit trail which tells you which user logged in and what amendments to time were made by that user in any period. This is particularly useful for those Managers who are overly friendly with their staff, and yes it does happen, and yes sometimes hours do get changed.

Another function in our Time Manager PRO software is the ability to restrict users from seeing certain parts of the software, such as costs and also doing certain funtions in the software such as amending, so what I tend to do in these situations is I train the Manager on how to use the software and then I will make sure his manager (the boss) is aware of what is going on!

No I'm not a snitch, but how would our software work well for the company if I didnt


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