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Biometric Readers

Insite Solutions biometric finger readers use advanced imaging technologies to capture a highly accurate reading of a fingerprint data. They provide a quick, simple and cost effective solution which can be used across a wide range of industries from manufacturing to hospitality. We offer a range of readers which suit different industries from biometric finger readers and facial recognition readers to biometric handreaders and RFID readers. Our readers are highly secure and reliable and are used with our Time Manager Pro Time and Attendance system and our Access Control systems.

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Time and Attendance Software

Our time and attendance software does a lot more than tell you who’s clocked in or out. Time Manager Pro can also help you run instant fire roll calls, manage complex shift patterns, produce costs and download your timesheet directly in to your payroll system
The data is stored indefinitely so can be called upon at any time to validate work hours and attendance. It can be server based and spread across multiple sites or stand-alone and used on one site only. Typical savings on your wage costs are up to 10% with a ROI of 3 months or less.

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Access Control Systems

Access control is quite literally about controlling access to your premises, or a specific area of your premises. Instead of the old lock and key method, access control secures your building electronically. With tokens and readers instead of locks and keys; you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to.

- Simple
- Modern
- Complete control
- Flexible security

We understand that access control does not need to be complicated. Our access control systems look professional but are also really easy to use. They require minimal training to run and are designed to make life as easy as possible for you giving you 24 hour protection.


Mobile Clocking and Dashcam's

MOBILE TRACK app provides additional visibility of mobile workforce productivity inside and away from vehicles

Ideal for any staff that are on the move.  They can use mobile phones for clocking in and out. GPRS tracks their location for you for accurate time keeping.

Protect your Lone Worker's with the Award Winning BS8484 LONE WORKER PROTECTION app. Keep your workers safe and records their shifts. Ideal for carers and nurses in the community.

Also available, VEHICLE TRACKING  and DASH CAMS for individual cars, shared cars and fleet management.

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The Mobile Track Pro  app combined with our NFC Tags (Near Field Communication) which are placed around the patrol route, work very effectively to track exact positions and times of Guard Patrols on their rounds.

No cabling is needed, the adhesive tags stick to any surface.

Guard Patrol starts when the Secirity Guard gets to a walking speed. The adhesive tags are placed at points on a route such as doors, entry points and windows.

The mobile phone is presented to the tag by the Guard and the phone app can be configured to ask the security guard to take some action, respond to the phone app or answer a question posed by the phone app.
The app will track the guard's exact location and the route he takes using GPRS and can be viewed via a webserver.

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Highly Effective Systems
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